5077 RAHLVES DRIVE Energy Efficiency Master Plan

  • 1M__Welschmeyer_Energy_1

    The side entry is accented by the ochr soffit.

  • 1M__Welschmeyer_Residence_Energy_Efficiency_Master_Plan_2

    Parking on the auto turf.

  • 5077 Rahlves Drive:  Energy Efficient Master Plan, 2010Size: 1,800 s.f. of conditioned spaceLocation: Castro Valley, CaliforniaAnticipated Energy Conservation - 23%Energy efficient master planning combines whole house energy improvements with architectural
  • 1entry

    Detail view of side entry to the primary residence and garage.

  • 1M__Welschmeyer_Residence_Energy_Efficiency_Master_Plan_6

    The sliging garage door on the right open to the wide side yard, and provides access to the first floor studio space.

  • 1mw_second

    Second floor plan illustration the new facade and vertical sun shades.

  • 1mw_first

    First Floor Plan illustrating the Secondaty Dwelling Unit and the entry to the Primary Unit.

  • 1mw_roof

    Roof Plan illustrating natural ventilation at the heigh volume of the stairwell and the location of the solar thermal panels on the roof.

  • 1M__Welschmeyer_Residence_Energy_Efficiency_Master_Plan_3

    Vertical shades on the East also provide privacy from the neighbors.

  • 1M__Welschmeyer_Residence_Energy_Efficiency_Master_Plan_5

    Vertical sun shades on East and West facades, over the existing.

  • 1privacy_screen

    Detail view of the solar / privacy screen.