MCLOUGHLIN RESIDENCE & Secondary Dwelling Unit

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  • McLoughlin Residence & Secondary Dwelling Unit, 2007Size: 483 s.f. Secondary Dwelling Unit, 1,682 s.f. Primary ResidenceLocation: Montclair, Oakland, CaliforniaSustainability: Projected Energy Efficiency - 50%, Projected Green Point Rating - 125With the at
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    The new exterior design fits well with the wooded hillside environment of Montclair.

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    Detail for the roof, canopy and natural light monitor.

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    Site plan illustrating the open land to the East and the adjacent homes to the West.

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    Approach compositions from street level.

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    The Primary Residence entry.

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    The dining table is perched at the canopy line of the trees.

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    Deck access from the kitchen.

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    Light monitor from the reading loft.

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    Plan of the upper levels.

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    The reading loft and the desk with a view of the front entry.

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    Building cross sections illustrating the inclusion of the Secondary Dwelling Unit without extending the footprint of the building.

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    Plan of the lower levels.