• 1Edwards_Cottage_1

    Alley Elevation with single car garage below, carport sliding gate to the right.

  • 1Edwards_Alley_Cottage_3

    Plan, with the second floor to the left and first floor Garden Room / Garage to the right.

  • 1Edwards_Alley_Cottage_2

    Niles Alley and cottage.

  • 1Edwards_Alley_Cottage_4

    Two story Secondary Dwelling Unit with Tea Room/Study in front.

  • 1Welschmeyer_Alley_Cottage_3

    The second story studio spce capture natural light from the clere story windows.

  • 1Welschmeyer_Alley_Cottage_2

    Living floor with studio above.

  • 1Welschmeyer_Alley_Cottage_1

    Alley cottage from the garden, and studio space full of natural light.

  • 1Welschmeyer_Cottage_4

    View of the second floor painting studio.

  • 1Welschmeyer_Cottage_5

    Spiral Stair to the second floor.