• Woo-Thompson:  Landscape, 2014Size: ±0.5 AcresLocation: Hillsborough,  CaliforniaUnique in the Eichler pedigree, this two story residence designed by Edmonds and Jones Architects was specifically situated into the downslope hillside among a grouping of mat
  • 1woo_thompson_landscape_1

    New curved corten steel retaining wall plates bounding to the Entry

  • 1woo_thompson_landscape_3

    Site cross section at pool, pool house and play area above

  • 1woo_thompson_landscape_2

    Landscape stairs decend to the Entry

  • 1woo_thompson_landscape_4

    From the play area down to the pool

  • 1woo_thompson_landscape_5

    Site Plan and new landscape improvements